Alison Martin

Managing Director

Profile image Alison Martin

Alison has a curious and unique cv, having worked in the TV industry for 20 years, qualified as a primary school teacher and run her own successful street food business. At Wrightson and Platt, she loves setting up systems, managing the marketing, creating content and keeping a tight rein on the finances. Over the past 8 years she has built strong and warm relationships with staff, customers, suppliers and businesses alike. She’s a very keen cook, walker and nature-lover and is famed for her excellent (and lethal) cocktails.

Anna Harrold

Creative Director

Profile image Anna Harrold

Anna has a background in advertising and has always had a great eye for design. Her ability to continually develop new and stunning compositions for life-cast sculptures and jewellery is at the heart of what makes Wrightson & Platt world leaders. She has visited customers all over the world to take the all-important casts and back at the studio leads our team of talented artists in turning those casts into works of art. She loves interior design, hiking and being a mum to two teenagers (most of the time!).

Lianne Cooper

Production Manager

Profile image Lianne Cooper

Having started at our Walton Street showroom, Lianne has developed into a brilliant production manager, ensuring the smooth-running of the studio and foundry. She juggles customer priorities and ensures the highest quality of every order and has the unenviable task of arranging fine art shipping for large and fragile sculptures. Her passions are aerial acrobatics, Lord of the Rings and campaigning to save our planet.

Nao Shimizu

Studio Technician

Profile image Nao Shimizu

Nao originally trained as an architect in her home country of Japan, but has a wide array of creative talents including making ceramics, playing the piano beautifully and dressmaking. Her perfectionism and attention to detail at the plaster, mould and wax stages of the casting process are vital in creating work of the finest quality. We often have to remind her to go home at the end of the day!

Betlem Busquets

Restoration Artist

Profile image Betlem Busquets

Betlem trained in sculpture at the University of Barcelona and puts her exceptional restoration skills to work on the all-important plaster casts. Her ability to finesse those little casts to museum standard sets Wrightson and Platt ahead of the field when it comes to detail. Betlem is also a very accomplished painter, specialising in portraits in oil. She adores cinema, animals and Barbra Streisand!

Louise Edward

Senior Casting Artist

Profile image Louise Edward

Our most experienced casting artist Louise has cast around 600 babies plus a whole host of children, adults and the odd pet in the 9 years since she joined the company. While most of these have been in the UK she has travelled widely to our families across the world including in Dubai, Monaco, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Paris to name just a few! Louise’s calm demeanour and ability to charm the little ones has earned her the title of the Baby Whisperer. She is a brilliant knitter, stitcher and baker and a very proud mum of two teenage boys.