The World’s Finest Life Casting Capture happy memories with a bespoke
artwork cast from life.
Bespoke Lifecast Sculpture & Jewellery Bespoke Lifecast Sculpture & Jewellery Bespoke Lifecast Sculpture & Jewellery
Jewellery Cast From Life Hold a silver nutmeg, an acorn
or a leaf. Perfect gifts and treasures
cast from the natural world.
Personalised Gifts and Silverware
Personalised Gifts
& Silverware
Gifts in beautiful materials to help you share and celebrate important milestones.
Bespoke Lifecast Sculpture
Bespoke Lifecast Sculpture & Jewellery The exquisite feet of your baby. A mother’s hand wrapped tenderly around her child’s. A characterful portrait of you or your little one.

We invite you to commission a bespoke work of art, unique to you. Your own children’s hands and feet can be miniaturised and made into stunning platinum, gold or silver pendants, rings,earrings and bracelets.

Celebrate the natural beauty of your special someone in breathtaking detail. Make the stories of your life last forever in sculpture.
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Wrightson & Platt’s Flagship Showroom
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