We have chosen these lovely objects from the plant world and carefully cast them to capture every detail of their natural beauty. "The acorn and oak leaf have exceeded my expectations- they are both very beautiful and I am very happy indeed. I am sure my niece will gain a lot of pleasure from them in years to come. Thank you once again for your attentiveness and excellent service."

Joanne F

Silver Bean Jewellery

from $450
Silver bean necklace by W&P. A lovely tactile and sensuous piece of jewellery.

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Pine Cone Pendant

from $255
A perfectly miniaturised pine cone, available in silver and gold.

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Star Anise in Sterling Silver

from $345
A stunning piece of jewellery cast directly from life.

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Nutmeg in Sterling Silver

from $390
With an exotic history from far off lands, we have cast this much-loved spice directly into silver.

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