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Happy Customers

Dr Elena Vorotko

“The feet arrived this morning. Goodness, how gorgeous they are!! Every little line and puffiness of her deliciousness are there! Our grandmothers and granddad back in Russia will now experience her feet to the full, only minus the squidginess and warmth of the original :) what an amazing Christmas present for them!”

Stella McCartney

“They say it all goes so fast and it really does!! I am so happy I asked you to make casts of all my newborn babies’ feet. The casts are beautiful - they are one of my most precious belongings. Capturing a moment in your baby’s life can help you hold onto the memory of them tiny and cute - thank you Wrightson and Platt!”

Lucy Cleland

“Having my children's hands clutching each other cast in silver as pendants for a necklace has brought me boundless joy. Not only are they works of art in their own right, I can actually hold their little hands whenever I need to. What a comfort, it's like a talisman.”

Lily Claire Saran

“What an amazing idea to come up with – bronze or silver casts of feet or hands of your children. The cufflinks brought tears to my partner's eyes when I gave them to him! What you can do is limitless and you have absolutely changed my perception of what the perfect gift should be.”

Imogen Blake

“I received the feet sculpture today and wanted to convey how absolutely THRILLED I am with the results. They've surpassed all expectations and I can't believe how wonderful they are to look at, handle and display. Thank you so much for a perfect execution of the sculpture.”

Deborah Stampfli

“Thank you so much for sending the order directly to Switzerland. The family was in awe, and were absolutely delighted with the fine work. The result is beautiful! The wrapping and presentation are equally stunning! What a fantastic service! Thank you so much for this unique gift.”

Preeti Gohar

“I have received Gigi’s and Harry’s little feet. They are absolutely beautiful! Thank you ever so much. Again, I am so happy that I used you over anyone else as I feel that your work is the BEST without a doubt!!”

Mandy Hodson

“I smile every time I look at them.Thanks, thanks……and thanks again. You are masters of your art”

Bindu Bhutani

“Thanks for the sculptures. The hands are such a beautiful representation of family, togetherness and love. Nothing can destroy them! Happy Family always together. Thanks so much Xx”

Tracey Allen

“Thank you so much for getting the feet finished in time for fathers’ day. Steve loves them and I’m so glad we got them done. They are the most lovely memento of such a precious and all too fleeting time. We will both treasure them.”

Kate Speed

“Even after this short time I am so glad we did it. Isabella was a big baby (10lbs 1oz) but now I can see she was so tiny! So thank you, I love them and whenever she has a ‘toddler moment’ I will look at them with huge pleasure.”

Sam Gisborne

“Oliver's hands just bring tears to my eyes, they are so little and it looks like you have managed to capture the little dimples on the back of his knuckles which are so special”

Abeeda Ish Umayr and Amaan

“Received the hands and feet casts yesterday in immaculate packaging. Absolutely thrilled with the result! All we wanted to do was hold them and cry. The end result still amazes us!”

Ewa Hellberg

“I am truly impressed and deeply moved by this piece of work which as you know, I commissioned to be part of my sculpture collection. Thank you for your inventiveness, creativity and attention to detail. The final piece completely exceeded my expectations.”

Clare Woodhouse

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for the hand casts of Felix and Mabel. Absolutely gorgeous. We will treasure them forever. Every crease and every dimple will be handed down from generation to generation ... I know I will still be stroking them many years from now!”

Daisy Bernasconi

“Just wanted to thank you for my beautiful pieces. The quality is exceptional and I was nearly in tears when I opened the package. Thank you so much to everyone involved for a wonderful experience and end result.”