Traditional Royal Christening Gifts.

Amongst the gowns, the gifts, the godparents and the many things that make a christening such a special occasion, christening gifts have been a tradition for centuries. On the day of a child’s baptism they receive gifts from their parents and godparents, gifts of value that will last them a life time. From drinking vessels that date back thousands of years, apostle spoons from the Tudor period, a silver sixpence to a lucky sovereign and more recently, the Royal Mint has made Britain’s first ever christening coin for Prince George.

Ideal christening for a christening gift. Silver and gold gilded egg and spoon.

It is the royal family that we can turn to for the ideal christening presents; after all they are gifts for princes and princesses, future kings and queens. We can look towards the reign of Queen Victoria to see how the royal family has such a wonderful way of both keeping to tradition but also creating new ideas and influences for the perfect christening gift. It was in Victoriana, that there was a change in focus, from investment to keepsake, as pure silver and plated items became replaced with sterling silver.

Although it holds more monetary value as a precious metal, pure silver is too soft for making items for use. Sterling silver however, which is alloyed with copper has more strength and durability making it the perfect material for a precious gift. Many gifts such as silver egg cups, spoons and cutlery all became extremely popular in the Victorian era. These items maintain their popularity, and continue to be part of this special tradition.

Silver baby feet, life cast.

Looking at the array of gifts that the Royal family have in their collections, you will find a truly marvellous selection; traditional christening cups, a silver carousel cake topper that was given to Prince Charles as a baby and more recently Prince George’s own coin from the Royal Mint. Familiar and new items that will no doubt become tradition. There is one thing that pulls them together and that is their precious quality. Made from precious metal; beautiful shining sterling silver, full of lustre, maintaining the tradition of value, a gift for a lifetime. All qualities we believe in at Wrightson and Platt.

Baby hand cufflinks.

Using traditional methods and advanced technology we also create perfect christening gifts to the highest of standards. In keeping with tradition we have an array of gifts which all have our own little Wrightson and Platt twist to them. A silver spoon, silver and gold gilded egg cups, your babies’ hands and feet cast in silver, hands and feet miniaturized as pendants and cufflinks for a mother and father to remember the precious day. All capturing a special moment, a precious day in yours and your child’s life, gifts that not only maintain the value of tradition but capture a memory to last a life time.

As we celebrate the baptism of our future King, little Prince George, the world awaits news of all the many gifts he and his parents will receive. At Wrightson and Platt we are able to create wonderful gifts for your special occasion including baby hand and feet castings, baby feet pendants and baby hand cufflinks.

Baby feet pendant, miniature baby feet pendant.