Those tiny hands and feet

The first time you hold your child’s tiny hands and feet, the first time they wrap their little hands around your fingers; they are treasured and unforgettable moments. At Wrightson and Platt, we appreciate and value those precious times of family life, they are an inspiration to us. We know how fast your little ones grow, before you know it they are crawling, walking and going to school! So we give you the chance to capture those life changing events as your family grows.

Baby hand, baby pendant, gold necklace

Our highly skilled team use the most traditional sculptural skills and advanced technology to bring you our miniature collection which brings these techniques together to give you the most unique pieces of jewellery. You may have thought that those precious hands and feet could not get any smaller; with a touch of Wrightson and Platt magic we can transform a life-size sculpture into a miniature piece of jewellery.

Using the plasters that are created from your casting appointment each tiny detail, crease and crevice is preserved as it is transformed into miniaturized item that can be worn close to your heart or a lovely reminder of family worn on the cuff of your sleeve. Cast in the most precious materials, these items can be treasured forever.

Mini baby feet ring, gold

Discover a world of opportunities to treasure family memories. From charm bracelets, key rings, pendants, cufflinks and rings, the tiniest hands and feet that can be carried with you always.