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3 Beautiful Bespoke Gifts with Meaning

We know our customers very well – we often work with them at some of the most important and emotional times of their lives – so it’s always a real pleasure to be approached to solve the problem of creating a very special gift for them.

Here are just three of the commissions we’ve completed recently. Combining our customers’ ideas and the fine craftsmanship of our team of artists, we have come up with designs that are beautiful, unique and meaningful.

Q: What Can I Make with My Mother’s Diamonds? One customer recently came to us asking for ideas for how to incorporate the diamonds from his mother’s rings into a gift for his wife.

A: Our team of artists got straight to work on designing this stunning and unique pendant in 18ct white gold. Combining their baby’s tiny miniaturised feet with the exquisite diamonds, we created a lovely piece full of meaning. It encapsulates new life, family love and a legacy passed down from generation to generation.

Silver Mini Baby Feet Pendant With Diamonds

We just love it, and so does one very happy customer: “She loved it so much. Thank you for making it all possible and can’t wait to do another one soon ;-)”

Q: What Can I Make with My Children’s Drawings? Grandma’s 70th birthday was coming up and Felix and Balthasar wanted to draw her some lovely pictures. Dad wanted to find a way to preserve them forever as a gift… How could we help?

Children's Drawings of Fishing A: We suggested getting these utterly delightful and unique artworks hand engraved onto the finest quality handmade silver photo frames:

Hand Engraved Silver Frames

Silver Hand Engraved Frames

All that remained was for Grandma to choose a photo of each of the boys to pop in the frames. “The drawings are so precious, but the frames are so unusual and unique and I’ll be able to enjoy them forever!”

Q: What Can I Make with My Wife’s Wedding Roses? A customer secretly kept and dried a rose head from his wife’s wedding bouquet and was looking for a way use them in a beautiful gift for Christmas.

A: Using dried flowers or petals in jewellery is a well-known way of preserving precious memories, so using that idea we came up with a truly luxurious pendant.

We suspended the gently crushed petals in a resin orb which we set in white gold and finished with a diamond-encrusted bail. The engraving of His and Hers initials either side of a heart added that final personal touch.

Dried Wedding Rose Flower Pendant “The pendant was beautiful and showed great craftsmanship. My wife certainly loved it and has worn it many times already”

How to Create the Perfect Personalised Present

We love it when we can help our customers solve the problem of finding the perfect present. So when Tessa’s oldest son David got in touch with an idea for a pCreating a Personalised Piece of Jeweller 6 Childrenresent for his mum’s 50th birthday, we were delighted to be able to create something truly unique and everlasting. Tessa’s six children all wanted to make their mark – so this is what we came up with. A Sterling silver charm bracelet with each of their fingerprints hand-engraved on a charm with a little initial engraved on the back. All they had to do was send us in their fingerprints and choices of charms and we did the rest. We just sent them a link to our How To video to help them get good rubbings of their fingerprints and fill in our handy fingerprint form. Tessa was absolutely over the moon and the kids were thrilled that they’d absolutely aced it.

Happy 50th Birthday, Tessa!

Following in His Father’s Footsteps

It is a line we hear from parents often “They grow so fast!”
Bronze Cast Baby Feet by Wrightson and Platt

We recently had the joy of seeing one of our clients. We hadn’t seen little Kit for a couple of years since we cast his baby feet. Wow he has grown. Kit is now walking, talking and getting cheekier by the day!

Baby Kit was just one week old when we first met him and cast his tiny toes. He is now a two years old and we can’t quite believe how much he has grown. Dad John had Kit’s little feet cast in bronze and he wanted to show us how his little boy was doing. With rosie cheeks and a big smile Kit is a bonnie boy who marvelled at how little his feet used to be.

Bronze Cast Baby Feet By Lifecast Sculptures Wrightson and Platt

Kit is obviously going to be a tall strapping lad just like his father. But John can forever treasure Kit at his tiniest, that moment when he could hold his son’s tiny feet in the palm of his hand. Kit’s little bronze cast feet will always be a treasured token of his early days.

Baby Feet: The Facts about those Little Feet

For the love of those tiny feet, we have gathered 10 facts about baby feet (one for every toe, of course). There is a reason why we cherish our baby’s feet; they are only so soft and small for such a short time and before you know it they are walking around in their first pair of shoes!Baby Feet Facts - Baby Feet Being Held Wrightson and Platt Baby Feet Casting

  1.  Growing Fast: Babies’ feet grow extremely fast; by the time your child is one their feet will be nearly half their adult size.
  2.  How Fast Do They Grow? Every pair of feet is unique and can grow at different speeds, but on average in the first 12 months a baby can grow up to 4 shoe sizes! That’s at least 40mm in a year.
  3. The Shape of Your Baby’s Feet: Do those tiny feet look similar to yours or your partner’s? Well that’s because your baby has inherited them from Mum and Dad. Rounded, tapered or square, your baby will have inherited one of these characteristics; just compare those tiny toes to your own.
  4. Feet Looking Flat? Well that’s because they are going to be flat for the first few years. The arch of your child’s feet will start to develop when they are about two or three (do see your podiatrist for regular checks).
  5. Baby Feet Size: On average a newborn baby’s feet are 7.6cm long but they can be bigger or tinier so wait until your little one arrives before you buy their little socks.
  6. Bones: A baby will not have formed bones for at least 6 months. Babies are born with cartilage which is soft and flexible. Their bones will be fusing and growing for a while (until their late teens!).
  7. Growth and Development: Between 9-18 months old it is important that your children’s feet are allowed to grow naturally as there are 25 bones forming (no tight socks or shoes for those tootsies).
  8. The Value of Movement: Let your little one kick and wriggle those legs and feet; it all helps them develop the little muscles they’ll soon need for walking.
  9. First Shoes: Did you know that babies don’t actually need to wear structured shoes even when they have started to try to walk. In fact for those first 18 months it is recommended that to encourage their feet to grow freely, they shouldn’t be restricted (of course you can keep them warm with some loose little socks).
  10. Those First Steps: It will be in your child’s first 13-18 months that your child will take their first steps (on average, after all every child is unique).

Treasure your baby’s tiny feet while they fit in the palm of your hand.

Baby Hands and Feet Cast in Glass and Bronze

The Magic in Making Those Tiny Feet

Every little pair of feet we cast is unique; they are made with the utmost care, incredible attention to detail and a little bit of magic. So we thought you might like to have a little look at how one of beautiful pieces is made. W&P’s Glass Baby Footprint Block:
 Baby FootPrints Cast in Glass Inverse Glass Block By Wrightson and PlattFrom start to finish, our team works hard to ensure that every detail of your baby’s feet is captured.Plaster Baby Feet Cast By Wrightson and Platt Sculptors and JewellersEach stage of production involves our craftsmen and women using their specialist skills to capture your baby’s footprints in glass. Our glass takes months to produce because the glass is heated and cooled very, very slowly to ensure a perfect finish. Such a delicate material needs plenty of TLC.Baby Feet Cast in Glass Block How It's Made by Wrightson and Platt London Sculptors and JewellersAnd finally the big reveal! Once the glass has cooled, our team clean, polish, frost and finish the glass with your chosen engraving added for that special finishing touch!

Baby Feet Cast in Glass By Wrightson and Platt Sculptors and JewellersYour unique crystal clear glass sculpture is complete so you can treasure those tiny feet always.

Glass Baby Feet Cast in an Inverse Glass Block By Wrightson and Platt London

Celebrating an Autumn Arrival

The nights are drawing in and we’ve got our blankets at the ready for snuggling under on those chilly nights.  Autumn is a beautiful time to spend with your family whether you are inside keeping warm or enjoying the great outdoors.

From the warming colours of autumn, to beautiful botanical here’s a few unique ways to celebrate this season:

  1. Expecting a little bundle of joy this autumn? Celebrate your baby’s arrival with this unique glass panel, capturing every little detail of your baby’s feet in the warmest colours.
    Baby Feet glass feet wall panel; red feet, green feet, yellow feet, orange feet by Wrightson and Platt
  2. Little acorns grow into mighty oaks. Beautifully cast in sterling silver, this acorn pendant has been made by our talented silversmith, forever a treasure.Sterling Silver Acorn Jewellery, Wrightson and Platt
  3. Save your autumn treasures in this pumpkin trinket box, cast in bronze to treasure for a lifetime.

Bronze Pumpkins by Wrightson and Platt


First steps

We recently had a mum call us; she had been spring cleaning and found her son Billy’s first pair of little leather boots. Billy is not so little anymore; he is 16 years old with size 10s, but Mum had held onto his first boots as a reminder of how tiny he once was.

Child's First Shoe, Leather Boot Billy's First Boot

Billy’s First Boot, 1 Year Old

She asked us if there was a way that we could turn one of the little boots into a treasured memento that would truly stand the test of time.

We explained that it could be silver or gold plated – if she wanted a bit of bling! – or cast in bronze to keep all the texture and detail of the original leather, and she plumped for the bronze.  So our talented team got to work; creating the mould, then the wax model, and finally casting the boot in bronze capturing every little crease, scuff mark and even the worn-down sole. Shoe Cast in Bronze, First Shoe By Wrightson and Platt Life Cast Sculptors and Jewellers

Everyone at W&P fell a little bit in love with Billy’s bronze boot – it really is a little thing of beauty! And as for Mum, she’s absolutely thrilled with the result which can now be treasured and kept forever in the most beautiful way.

So if you’re having a clear out ahead of the new school year, and you happen upon those precious little shoes from way back when, just get in touch and we can talk to you about preserving them forever as precious little ornaments.

First Boot Cast in Bronze By Wrightson and Platt Sculptors and Jewellers

Billy’s First Boot Cast in Bronze

Dad & Baby Holding Hands

Do you remember the first time you ever held your father’s hand?

Well he will certainly remember the first time he held yours. When you were too tiny to remember that you could hold his finger in your tiny hand.

Such a beautiful moment between father and child that marks the beginning of a new life. It is always a joy to capture this precious time that goes by in the blink of an eye.

With Father’s Day approaching, we thought we’d share just a few of the unique moments of fatherhood that we have captured over the years.

Family hands in glass and bronze, dad and baby hands by Wrightson and Platt

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Celebrating Our Brothers and Sisters

In the USA, most states celebrate Siblings Day on 10th April.  While we don’t mark this day in the UK, we think it’s a great idea that should be celebrated all over the world.  After all, we’ve known our siblings all our lives, and they know us better than anyone, so why not stop and appreciate these very special people in our lives.

We wanted to show you some of the beautiful sibling pieces that our families have asked us to make for them.  These sculptures and pieces of jewellery capture the special bonds that exist between brothers and sisters from such a young age. 

Our Five Favourite Sibling Pieces

Siblings Hands Together Sculpture Life Cast By Wrigthtson and Platt in Bronze, and Jewellery in Gold

5 Truly Unique Ways to Say I Love You

As Valentine’s Day comes round again, it can be tricky to find new and original ways to celebrate the love and unity of your relationship. 

If you are looking for a gift that is unique, thoughtful and deeply personal, look no further – we specialise in creating pieces that are true one-offs.   These aren’t the ‘off the shelf and add a personal message’ variety.  The conception, design and finish is all up to you.  So just get imagining!

Here are our top 5 truly unique ways to say “I love you”.

 1. Casting Your Hands Together

“Holding hands is aBronze Hand Clasps, Couple Holding Hands By Wrightson and Platt promise to one another that, for just a moment, the two of you don’t have to face the world alone.”  

Why not book a casting, present your lover with a personalised gift card on the day, then enjoy choosing the design and material together and you will have created a tangible reminder of the strength of your love and the essence of your relationship

2. Exchange Fingerprint Rings

“Our fingerprints don’t fade from the lives we touch”

Take each other’s fingerprints this Valentine’s Day and we will hand-engrave them onto a matching pair of eternity (or even wedding) rings.   Just watch our simple ‘How To’ video, take your prints, then fill out the order form and we can create a pair of stunning rings that truly will be two of a kind.

3. Fingerprint Jewellery for Her

“Wouldn’t it be the perfect crime if I stole your heart and you stole mine?”


If she already has a charm bracelet or pendant, add a heart-shaped charm bearing your fingerprint as a way to be close to her even when you’re apart. 

4. Fingerprint Cufflinks for Him

Cufflinks designed by you and made by us.  As well as your fingerprints, we can add a hand engraved inscription – a secret little love note, perhaps?

Sterling Silver Fingerprint Cufflinks, Personalised Hand Engraved Jewellery By Wrightson and Platt

5. Treasure That Cork-Popping Moment!

Whatever you’ve got planned, make sure you hang on to the cork from that all-important bottle of bubbly. Then just send us the cork with your special message and we will plate it for you in silver or gold and attach a sterling silver disc hand-engraved with your chosen words.

Silver and Gold Plated Champagne Corks By Wrightson and Platt

“The gold cork is gorgeous – Glen was so touched that I’d gone to the trouble of getting this done for him. Thank you so much!” Judy B