Wrightson & Platt

About Us

From a humble market stall in London’s Spitalfields Market in 1999, Denise Wrightson and Vicky Platt launched what was to become the world’s finest baby life-casting service.

Inspired by Queen Victoria’s alabaster sculptures of her nine children’s hands and feet, Wrightson and Platt recognised that the idea of preserving precious family memories was indeed timeless.

So, with an emphasis on the best quality materials and using talented craftsmen and women to finesse the casts, they gradually established a niche market for those wanting to capture the tininess of their babies in the most intricate and detailed way imaginable.

Largely through their relationship with The Portland Hospital, Wrightson and Platt grew their reputation and clientele within the UK and became widely recognised as the best in the business.

When Gunnar Sachs had his first son at the Portland, he was so taken with the sculptures of Felix’s hands and feet that he decided to invest in the business. With Gunnar’s backing, the company has expanded into new markets around the world, with casting artists in New York, Hong Kong and Dubai.

While the founders have now retired from the business, their legacy lives on. Wrightson and Platt continues to go from strength to strength, with an in-house specialist casting facility at their London studio and an enduring desire to innovate and create uniquely personal mementoes to last a lifetime.