3 Beautiful Bespoke Gifts with Meaning

We know our customers very well – we often work with them at some of the most important and emotional times of their lives – so it’s always a real pleasure to be approached to solve the problem of creating a very special gift for them.

Here are just three of the commissions we’ve completed recently. Combining our customers’ ideas and the fine craftsmanship of our team of artists, we have come up with designs that are beautiful, unique and meaningful.

Q: What Can I Make with My Mother’s Diamonds? One customer recently came to us asking for ideas for how to incorporate the diamonds from his mother’s rings into a gift for his wife.

A: Our team of artists got straight to work on designing this stunning and unique pendant in 18ct white gold. Combining their baby’s tiny miniaturised feet with the exquisite diamonds, we created a lovely piece full of meaning. It encapsulates new life, family love and a legacy passed down from generation to generation.

Silver Mini Baby Feet Pendant With Diamonds

We just love it, and so does one very happy customer: “She loved it so much. Thank you for making it all possible and can’t wait to do another one soon ;-)”

Q: What Can I Make with My Children’s Drawings? Grandma’s 70th birthday was coming up and Felix and Balthasar wanted to draw her some lovely pictures. Dad wanted to find a way to preserve them forever as a gift… How could we help?

Children's Drawings of Fishing A: We suggested getting these utterly delightful and unique artworks hand engraved onto the finest quality handmade silver photo frames:

Hand Engraved Silver Frames

Silver Hand Engraved Frames

All that remained was for Grandma to choose a photo of each of the boys to pop in the frames. “The drawings are so precious, but the frames are so unusual and unique and I’ll be able to enjoy them forever!”

Q: What Can I Make with My Wife’s Wedding Roses? A customer secretly kept and dried a rose head from his wife’s wedding bouquet and was looking for a way use them in a beautiful gift for Christmas.

A: Using dried flowers or petals in jewellery is a well-known way of preserving precious memories, so using that idea we came up with a truly luxurious pendant.

We suspended the gently crushed petals in a resin orb which we set in white gold and finished with a diamond-encrusted bail. The engraving of His and Hers initials either side of a heart added that final personal touch.

Dried Wedding Rose Flower Pendant “The pendant was beautiful and showed great craftsmanship. My wife certainly loved it and has worn it many times already”