The Portland Hospital Welcomes Visitors to Pregnancy Open Day

Open Day Sunday 22nd of November 2015


The Portland Hospital is opening its doors to welcome visitors to its Pregnancy Open Day on Sunday 22nd November 2015. The day provides an exclusive opportunity for parents-to-be and medical professionals to visit the UK’s largest private maternity unit.

Guests attending the day will be offered guided tours of the hospital’s world class facilities including state-of-the-art delivery suites, maternity wards and nurseries. Visitors can also take a look at the imaging services to see examples of some amazing 3D/4D ultrasound technology including moving and still images of babies whilst in the womb.

Obstetric Consultants, midwives and breastfeeding specialists are on hand throughout the day to meet visitors and offer one-to-one advice. There is also the opportunity to find out more about the antenatal and postnatal classes and exercise available. Mums-to-be also have the opportunity to take a free ‘Bump Photo’ courtesy of Image Thirst photographers and expectant mothers can walk-away with a special goodie bag with exclusive products from leading suppliers and also includes useful maternity information.

At The Portland’s final Pregnancy Open Day of 2015 will be Paediatric Consultant Dr Olga Kapellou who will be available to answer any questions, from newborns, immunisations, baby checks to the red book.

Natalie Harrington, First-Time Mum-to-Be attended the July Pregnancy Open Day with her partner, ‘We are so pleased we attended the open day. We spoke with a midwife who was informative; she listened to our concerns about pregnancy and birth and alleviated them. Thank you. We look forward to having our baby with you’

The Pregnancy Open Day is complimentary to all expectant mothers and their partners and provides a wonderful opportunity for visitors to find out valuable information about pregnancy and birthing options, meet the staff, midwives and Consultants and tour the hospital’s facilities.

For further information please call the Maternity Enquiry Line on 020 7390 6068 or register free online.

If you are unable to attend the open day on Sunday 22nd of November, The Portland Hospital will be announcing the dates of their next series of open days for 2016 shortly.

Please note there are no costs incurred to attend this event and parents-to-be are warmly invited, including those who are not booked to deliver at The Portland Hospital. Visitors need to register in advance for the event.


Design Your Own Charm Pendant!

We just love what one of our clever customers has come up with – a great way of putting together precious mini feet with fingerprint-engraved charms to complete a truly unique piece of jewellery.

If you already have some of our miniaturised hand or feet jewellery, why not add some fingerprint engraved charms of your own.  It’s very quick and easy!  Watch a little video here, showing you how to take the all-important prints. Then just send them over, choose your pendant shape and size in silver or gold, and we’ll do the rest.

Customise your perfect charm pendant


A Few of Our Favourite Things

From stunning family photography that captures those special family moments to finding the perfect family pieces to decorate your family home, here are a few of the things we love:

  1.  Imagethirst Family Photographers
    When it comes to taking baby and family photos, we think Imagethirst are hard to beat. As official photographers to The Portland Hospital, they have a wealth of experience in capturing your newborn in his or her first days. Their wonderful ‘Photographer for Life’ package is the perfect record of you and your family, following you through the course of a year and using your favourite images to create a beautiful story book that is unique to you.  

    Imagethirst Family Photography
    Imagethirst Family Photography
  2. Parent Bloggers
    We all know how busy family life is which is why we love the mum and dad bloggers who have taken some time to share their experiences of parenthood. Whether they’re conquering new or difficult situations or sharing those funny moments that we all recognise. With so many great blogs to read we couldn’t narrow it down to one, so here is a pick of some of our favourite bloggers:
    The Military Wife and Mom “It’s my goal to discuss challenging topics and offer common sense solutions. We all can benefit and learn so much from each other. Join me on this lifelong adventure.”
    Mum of Boys Louise: Wife to Charlie and mum to Stanley and Wilfred. A British family living in Dubai, “I blog honestly, so that mothers all over the world realise we are all in it together.” Louise
    English Dad in New York Manhattan and finding this “being a dad” thing pretty brilliant really
  3. Dragons of Walton Street
    When it comes to decorating your children’s bedrooms it doesn’t get more luxurious than this. Dragons of Walton Street create bespoke furniture and design rooms that are fit for a prince. We absolutely love them. With hand-painted illustrations adorning their pieces – from Beatrix Potter and Paddington Bear to the Flower Fairies -, these timeless classics remind us of our own childhood favourites – and we think it’s lovely to know that some things just don’t change!

    Dragons of Walton Street
    Hand Painted Furniture, Dragons of Walton Street
  4. Babylist Concierge Service
    Preparing for the arrival of a new addition to your family can be exhausting and fraught; with so many things to plan it can be a mammoth task even just thinking about all the items you and your baby will need, let alone going out shopping for them. And that’s where Babylist comes in. Book an appointment with Anita and her team and not only will they remind you of everything you need to plan for, they’ll also tell you what you don’t need. And once your list is complete, they’ll arrange delivery so you can sit back and concentrate on the most important thing – getting yourself physical and emotionally ready for that big day.

Grandparents Day

Lois Wyse once said “Grandchildren are the dots that connect the lines from generation to generation.”

Have you heard of Grandparents Day? It is a day to remember the many things that Grandmothers and Grandfathers give to their grandchildren. It was first introduced in the UK in 1990 by the charity Age Concern, it has been celebrated on the first Sunday in October since 2008.

In this unique generational piece, grandparents hold their little grandchildren’s hands capturing this unique bond and special moment in time.

Grandparents and grandchildren holding hands. Hands life cast in bronze.
Grandparents hold their little grandchildren’s hands.


Hot Off the Press – A Brand New W&P Product

Here at W&P HQ, we make it our mission to find new ways of capturing your baby’s hands and feet.

We know that you love our little glass panels of coloured hands and feet, but that sometimes you worry about the fragility of glass, or maybe prefer a simpler finish.

So we gave our creative team the brief to come up with a bronze panel that is contemporary and elegant and which can be mounted on the wall or free-standing on a mantelpiece or desk.

Using up to 40 different processes, they applied the usual W&P careful attention to detail while making this sample piece – keeping every wrinkle and crease, and cutting down the ankles and wrists so that the little hands and feet sit perfectly on their bronze backing panel.

Baby Hands and Feet Life Casting in the Making with Wrightson and Platt
They then experimented with different finishes to lighten the colour of the bronze and give it a slightly matte appearance.

  Bronze Cast Baby Feet by Wrightson and Platt

Finally, they mounted the hands and feet on a specially patinated bronze panel. And so to the big reveal. Here is our latest addition to our bespoke life-cast collection.

Baby Hands and Feet Cast in Bronze on Silver Nitrate Wall Panel By Wrightson and Platt

A pair of baby hands and feet cast in bronze and mounted on a silver nitrate panel.

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A Splash of Colour

Summer is the season of colour and it has arrived in full swing; bright blue skies, refreshing green grass and the sunflowers are in bloom.

In the W&P studio we work with a rainbow of colours all year round and with the launch of our new glass mini panels earlier this year our studio has been more colourful than ever.

Stepping into the workshop there is an array of pieces that are being made in a kaleidoscope of colours:

 Glass Life Cast Sculptures Hands

So whether you want to celebrate your beautiful bump, the tininess of your new-born baby, or the togetherness of your whole family in a luminous coloured sculpture, we offer a unique selection of bright, contemporary designs that are unique to you, and which perfectly capture a special time or tell your very own story.

Glass sculptures Pregnant Belly Torso and Baby Feet Panel By Wrightson and Platt


Pets are Part of the Family

We have regular furry visitors in our studio; from Lincoln the whippet, the lost and found kitten Queenie (who turned out to be a boy!) and Welsh terrier Toby. We love our pets and from the first moment their little paddy paws step foot into our homes, we know that they are part of our family. That is why we have a unique casting service that is dedicated to pets – we just haven’t been shouting about it!

We’ve been digging through the W&P archive and found a great snap of founding artist Denise Wrightson in action back in 2004, casting Dotty the poodle.  What a beauty!  Over the years we have been perfecting our casting technique, capturing every tiny detail of your pet’s paddy paws so that we can bring you the highest quality sculptures and jewellery that you can treasure forever.

Dog paw life casting sculpture and jewellery by Wrightson and Platt

How do we do it? At every casting, our agent will meet you in the comfort of your own home to cast your pet’s paws. We then take the casts back to our studio, where our artists will transform them into a unique item of your choice. From a life-size sculpture or impression in bronze, silver or bronze to a miniaturised pendant, you will have a truly unique piece that will last forever.

Dog paw personalised sculpture and jewellery by Wrightson and Platt

To find out more or book a casting, contact us at:

0207 639 9085 or


Casting with Tamara Beckwith & Baby Vero

By Casting Agent Lou Edward.

One of our favourite things at Wrightson & Platt is picking up the phone and hearing the voice of one of our customers telling us the happy news that they have welcomed another baby into the world – a sibling for the baby we cast for them a year or even a few years ago.

So we were delighted when Tamara Beckwith Veroni called us before Christmas and asked us to visit her again to cast her new baby boy.  And what a lovely casting it was – although he’s only a few months old, Vero kept a close eye on us, sitting still and calmly watching as we cast his feet. And needless to say, the casts came out perfectly, and will look beautiful sitting next to those of his older sister.

Tamara Beckwith Casting of baby Vero with Wrightson and Platt, baby feet casting.

It’s truly wonderful to be asked back to cast a new addition to the family – wonderful because it’s lovely to meet the new baby,  because it’s good to catch up and see our customers again, because we love to see how the older babies have grown (if they’re not at nursery or school!), and because there’s no greater compliment for our expert team.

Customers who come back again and again, and who recommend us to friends and family because they know we excel at what we do, have helped Wrightson & Platt become the company it is today, offering a range of beautiful pieces to celebrate those most precious things, our children and our families.  So thank you Tamara and Vero – there’s no higher recommendation for us than being asked back.

Tamara Beckwith Casting of baby Vero with Wrightson and Platt, baby feet casting. Mother and Baby.
Tamara with baby Vero

Mothers are amazing, they truly are

A new addition to the family is always an exciting and emotional time.

Recently my nephew Henry was born – a gorgeous little boy. I spent three days looking after my niece and nephew aged eight and four, while they waited very eagerly for their mother and little baby brother to come home from the hospital. We had a wonderful few days, spending our time playing with toys, running around playing magic scarf (a game newly invented by the children) and reading books – the usual auntie and uncle pleasures. However we also had other tasks; looking after the house, feeding, washing, trips to school. I have new-found respect for all the parents out there. It really is a 24 hour job!

                         Baby Henry

When my sister came home with Henry, weighing a tiny 5lb, she was exhausted. But as soon as she saw her children she glowed. The first time her new family was all together. She swept her children into her arms – they were ecstatic to see her and their new brother. Within moments she was listening to the children’s stories, all while holding her new born baby and explaining to them that little Henry might keep them awake at night.

As a little sister I have always looked up to my big sister. But in those three days, I got a glimpse of her daily life and can truly say I now look at my sister in a new light – what an amazing mother!

Well I just can’t wait until we are casting Henry’s tiny little hands and feet… a perk of the job!

For every mother you know; sister, daughter, friend and of course your own mother, let them know how wonderful they are this Mother’s Day.







A date for the diary.

As fast as the New Year has swept in, we have looked at our calendar and it is nearly February! There is a date in the diary approaching that makes hearts flutter, yes it is less than a month until Valentine’s Day. But rest assured, we know that some of those heart flutters are related to gift ideas; finding a special gift for your loved one for Valentine’s Day can be a stressful task (and trust us our team knows from experience!).

This year why not break that ‘roses are red’ tradition and do something simple, personal and unique? Something that is as simple as pencil to paper. This Valentine’s Day exchange finger prints. It is something that uniquely identifies the person we love so much, no two fingerprints will ever be identical.

So take some time together and exchange fingerprints this Valentine’s Day. Don’t worry we’ll even show you how to capture every tiny detail.

You will need the following:

  1. Our ‘how to take the perfect fingerprint’ video.
  2. A pencil.
  3. A note pad.
  4. A roll of clear sticky tape.
  5. You and your partner.

Our easy guide for taking the perfect fingerprint.

Now you have exchanged fingerprints, why not have them engraved on a rather special pendant for her or cufflinks for him?

Fingerprint pendant, hand engraved, Wrightson and Platt