The Magic in Making Those Tiny Feet

Every little pair of feet we cast is unique; they are made with the utmost care, incredible attention to detail and a little bit of magic. So we thought you might like to have a little look at how one of beautiful pieces is made. W&P’s Glass Baby Footprint Block:
 Baby FootPrints Cast in Glass Inverse Glass Block By Wrightson and PlattFrom start to finish, our team works hard to ensure that every detail of your baby’s feet is captured.Plaster Baby Feet Cast By Wrightson and Platt Sculptors and JewellersEach stage of production involves our craftsmen and women using their specialist skills to capture your baby’s footprints in glass. Our glass takes months to produce because the glass is heated and cooled very, very slowly to ensure a perfect finish. Such a delicate material needs plenty of TLC.Baby Feet Cast in Glass Block How It's Made by Wrightson and Platt London Sculptors and JewellersAnd finally the big reveal! Once the glass has cooled, our team clean, polish, frost and finish the glass with your chosen engraving added for that special finishing touch!

Baby Feet Cast in Glass By Wrightson and Platt Sculptors and JewellersYour unique crystal clear glass sculpture is complete so you can treasure those tiny feet always.

Glass Baby Feet Cast in an Inverse Glass Block By Wrightson and Platt London


First steps

We recently had a mum call us; she had been spring cleaning and found her son Billy’s first pair of little leather boots. Billy is not so little anymore; he is 16 years old with size 10s, but Mum had held onto his first boots as a reminder of how tiny he once was.

Child's First Shoe, Leather Boot Billy's First Boot
Billy’s First Boot, 1 Year Old

She asked us if there was a way that we could turn one of the little boots into a treasured memento that would truly stand the test of time.

We explained that it could be silver or gold plated – if she wanted a bit of bling! – or cast in bronze to keep all the texture and detail of the original leather, and she plumped for the bronze.  So our talented team got to work; creating the mould, then the wax model, and finally casting the boot in bronze capturing every little crease, scuff mark and even the worn-down sole. Shoe Cast in Bronze, First Shoe By Wrightson and Platt Life Cast Sculptors and Jewellers

Everyone at W&P fell a little bit in love with Billy’s bronze boot – it really is a little thing of beauty! And as for Mum, she’s absolutely thrilled with the result which can now be treasured and kept forever in the most beautiful way.

So if you’re having a clear out ahead of the new school year, and you happen upon those precious little shoes from way back when, just get in touch and we can talk to you about preserving them forever as precious little ornaments.

First Boot Cast in Bronze By Wrightson and Platt Sculptors and Jewellers
Billy’s First Boot Cast in Bronze

Hot Off the Press – A Brand New W&P Product

Here at W&P HQ, we make it our mission to find new ways of capturing your baby’s hands and feet.

We know that you love our little glass panels of coloured hands and feet, but that sometimes you worry about the fragility of glass, or maybe prefer a simpler finish.

So we gave our creative team the brief to come up with a bronze panel that is contemporary and elegant and which can be mounted on the wall or free-standing on a mantelpiece or desk.

Using up to 40 different processes, they applied the usual W&P careful attention to detail while making this sample piece – keeping every wrinkle and crease, and cutting down the ankles and wrists so that the little hands and feet sit perfectly on their bronze backing panel.

Baby Hands and Feet Life Casting in the Making with Wrightson and Platt
They then experimented with different finishes to lighten the colour of the bronze and give it a slightly matte appearance.

  Bronze Cast Baby Feet by Wrightson and Platt

Finally, they mounted the hands and feet on a specially patinated bronze panel. And so to the big reveal. Here is our latest addition to our bespoke life-cast collection.

Baby Hands and Feet Cast in Bronze on Silver Nitrate Wall Panel By Wrightson and Platt

A pair of baby hands and feet cast in bronze and mounted on a silver nitrate panel.

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A Splash of Colour

Summer is the season of colour and it has arrived in full swing; bright blue skies, refreshing green grass and the sunflowers are in bloom.

In the W&P studio we work with a rainbow of colours all year round and with the launch of our new glass mini panels earlier this year our studio has been more colourful than ever.

Stepping into the workshop there is an array of pieces that are being made in a kaleidoscope of colours:

 Glass Life Cast Sculptures Hands

So whether you want to celebrate your beautiful bump, the tininess of your new-born baby, or the togetherness of your whole family in a luminous coloured sculpture, we offer a unique selection of bright, contemporary designs that are unique to you, and which perfectly capture a special time or tell your very own story.

Glass sculptures Pregnant Belly Torso and Baby Feet Panel By Wrightson and Platt


Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and here at Wrightson and Platt we thought we would take some time to delve into the history of this romantic day, and how for many couples it is a day of romance. The day of St. Valentine is known across the world, but not many know why Valentine was made a saint. It is said that when Valentine was an imprisoned priest in a time of hardship and conflict, against strict laws he continued to marry couples giving them the opportunity to celebrate their lives together. Although Valentine became a saint, his name was not related to a day of love until many years later. It was in the High Middle Ages when Chaucer wrote of Valentine’s Day in his poem The Parliament of Fowls. In a time when amour courtois “courtly love” was popular Chaucer describes in his poem how lovers meet on this day.

                                               “When every fowl comes there his mate to take,
                                                 Of every species that men know, I say,
                                                 And then so huge a crowd did they make,
                                                 That earth and sea, and tree, and every lake
                                                 Was so full, that there was scarcely space
                                                 For me to stand, so full was all the place.”

                                                                                     Extract; the Parliament of Fowls, Chaucer.

It is said that from this poem Valentine’s Day became part of popular culture, which has grown in popularity across the world over the years. As loved ones shower each other with gifts and express their love to one another. From flowers, to chocolates, romantic meals, first dates, anniversaries, events and gifts Valentine’s Day is celebrated by couples across the world in traditional and unique ways.

Bespoke Tondo glass sculpture

At Wrightson and Platt we give you the opportunity to give the most unique of gifts. From our lifecast botanical jewellery symbols of life and fertility to something a little bit more special; bespoke pieces that you can personalize. Wrightson and Platt’s glass Tondo is a sculpture that you can make your own with the casting of you and your partner’s hands. And for something a little smaller, a fingerprint hand engraved into a stunning piece of jewellery. A way to capture and illustrate your love for one another, something that you can exchange and carry with you always. From cufflinks to bracelets, or a pendant you can wear close to your heart. At W&P we give you the opportunity to create a unique piece of jewellery that will be precious to you both.

silver fingerprint jewellery charms

So take some time to discover ways in which you can give or create the most unique gift this Valentine’s day with the elegant array of W&P’s sculptures and jewellery.

Our easy guide for taking the perfect fingerprint.

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